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APS-200 2.5 PM, Luftrenser

Airocide APS-200 2.5 PM
Airocide APS-200 2.5 PM
Airocide APS-200 2.5 PM
Airocide APS-200 2.5 PM
Airocide APS-200 2.5 PM
Airocide APS-200 2.5 PM
Airocide APS-200 2.5 PM
Airocide APS-200 2.5 PM

Om produktet

Farge/Materiale: Svart/sølv
Effekt: 60 watt
Maks romstørrelse: 30 m2
HEPA filter medfølger: Ja

11 499,-

  • Bring hjemmelevering99,-
  • Bring pakke til hentested49,-
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Om produktet

Airocide Air Purifier APS 200 2.5 PM

New and revolutionary air purifier developed by NASA.


AIrocide is a new and revolutionary air purifier on the market that, besides a powerful HEPA filter, comes with a unique PCO catalytic technology that breaks down all types of airborne particles at home. The unique bioconversion technology that instantly converts all organisms on a molecular level, solid or gas and whatever size, to harmless vapor. Airocide eliminates all kinds of particulate matter in the room, whether it's particles from smoke, mold or dust, leaving the air fresh and clean. The air purifier comes in a simple and classic design, with iconic lines that fit into most homes. The purpose of Airocide is to reduce asthma and allergens, as Airocide's unique cleaning method allows breaking down even the smallest particles and therefore guarantees to release almost 100% allergen free air.


Simple and classic design.

Easy to operate.

Highly hospitalized HEPA filter

Effective against all airborne particles and gases.

Environmentally friendly technology.

100% ozone free

Easy maintenance.

Low energy consumption.


Products that can be purchased:

Wall Mount

Reaction chamber APS 200 2.5 PM


Color: Red

Gross weight: 7.5 kg

Net weight: 5.44 kg

Range: 20 -30 m2

Watt: 50 - 60 W.

Sound level: 28 to 41 Db.


Maks romstørrelse30 m2
60 watt
HEPA filter medfølgerJa